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PWA 3-30 Legacy Arena

PWA wrapped up an exciting month of March with another night of intense athleticism and

captivating drama. Read the recap and enjoy these images of the action!

The event kicked off with a return match from 3/16 as “Jarhead” Jake Rhone came back to the Legacy Arena seeking retribution after a dubious defeat in his debut by Supreme Kincade. Rhone had evidently scrutinized the film of their first encounter, since he was prepared for anything the High Standard's high-flyer could offer. Rhone countered Kincade's attempted Olympic Slam into a Sunset Flip for the pin to score his first PWA victory. Later, Rhone joined Aaron Hurt to a raucous reception for his formal welcome to the roster and

more words to anyone in the locker room still underestimating him.

Big Joe Black and Mr. A-OK were out to once again antagonize the Midnight Soldier and

provoke him into a confrontation. Predictably, Conqueror Chris Cruit exploited the opportunity to further his own interests and suggested a tag-team match of himself and Big Joe against the Midnight Soldier and a partner of his choice.

PWA CCO Josh Allen would waste little time in confirming the match for later in the event.

The Nordic Nightmare Bjorn looked to further establish his 3rd reign as US Champion by

defending the title against Kevin Cruit in the first meeting of the two perennial rivals since Jan.20 The two combatants attacked each other with the frenzy and determination that has come to define their battles, as the action went back and forth throughout. Ultimately, Bjorn would survive several near-falls and retain his US Title, once again standing tall over a member of the Cruit family.

CCO Josh Allen made another stunning announcement, this time regarding the impending non-title match between Blayc Cruit and PWA Champion Jimmy Fahrenheit, declaring that “The Protege” would earn a championship match on 4-13 if he won tonight's match.

Fahrenheit was undaunted by the Championship Committee's last-minute ruling and the

unannounced presence of Kevin Cruit at ringside for the bout, fighting off his aggressive

opponent with trademark confidence and style. Despite Fahrenheit's best efforts, the cunning strategy of Blayc and Kevin overcame the Champion's will and led to an upset victory for “The Protege”, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated title match on 4-13.

The breathtaking event culminated in the impromptu tag team match of Conqueror Chris Cruit and Big Joe Black against the Midnight Soldier and his mystery partner. Fans were delighted to see none other than the enigmatic US Outlaw emerge to aid the Midnight Soldier and thwart the best laid plans of Mr. A-OK and his cronies. The two masked men were met with surprisingly effective teamwork from Cruit and Black, while the persistent interference of Mr. A-OK threatened to sway the momentum in his duo's favor. The Midnight Soldier and US Outlaw would prove more than capable of defending their honor and sent the delirious fans home happy with their triumphant victory.

The countdown to PWA's next event on 4-13 has already begun, so get tickets at before they're gone!

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