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Premiere Wrestling Alliance (PWA), founded in Feb. 2016 and based in Lancaster,OH, offers a traditional, family-friendly wrestling atmosphere, with an emphasis on dynamic characters and athletic in-ring action. PWA produces 20-25 events per year, with monthly events at our training facility (402 S. Broad St. Lancaster, OH), quarterly events at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds, and additional events throughout Central Ohio.


PWA is proud of its ability to produce cutting-edge digital content, including live events, exclusive interviews, and breaking news, across a variety of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, which has reached over 150,000 unique viewers worldwide.


PWA continues to expand its training facilities and offers beginner and intermediate adult courses as well as youth activities. We also strive to partner with local businesses and actively engage in community events. Additionally, PWA can bring the excitement of Pro Wrestling to your next fundraiser, social event or private party by making advance reservations.

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