Weight: 447 3/4 lbs.

Debut: 2017

Titles Held: 3x PWA Tag Team Champions

     When Morgan Taylor and LA Cordova joined to form Vicious & Delicious in early 2018, both men were at a bit of a career crossroads. The loud and brash duo had been struggling to find individual success in the PWA.

     For awhile it seemed like the experimental pairing may not work either. Vicious & Delicious were publicly humiliated for months, being forced to wear dresses to the ring after losing a match to Team Straight Fire.

     Since then the pair has bounced back in a big way. A new more aggressive attitude and some cheap tricks lead the duo to capture the PWA Tag Team Championships thrice, starting a partnership with the lovely and elegant Miss Scarlett along the way. After months of trash talk and posturing, Vicious & Delicious finally went "straight to the top."

Morgan Taylor & LA Cordova

"Vicious & Delicious"