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"The Irish Hitman"

Lafferty 004.fw.png

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 28 Stone

Hometown: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Debut: 2014

Titles Held: PWA Heavyweight Champion, 2x PWA Tag Team Champion

     "The Irish Hitman" Lafferty grew up fighting on the mean streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland. As an adult, Lafferty brought his bare knuckle experience to the squared circle, and carved out a nice career for himself in the process. 

     Lafferty is a hard hitting brawler, and is as crafty as they come. Some fans may tease him for his traditional kilt, but "The Irish Hitman" always backs up his mouth with a punishing in ring style. A new partnership with Bjorn has re-sparked the Hitman's career and yielded a PWA Tag Team Championship run.

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