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Chris Cruit 013.fw.png

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 249

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Debut: 1999

Titles Held: 5x Heavyweight Champion, 3x United States Champion, 2x Tag Team Champion

     Cruit is a rough and tough veteran of the sport who has been at the top of the heap for years who is not above breaking the rules to win.

     A staple of the PWA, Chris Cruit has a long, storied career and the gold to prove it. In 2019, Cruit suffered a string of bad health that forced his sudden retirement from the sport. Despite his past misdeeds, his retirement was met with sadness and positive reflections by most of the PWA fans and superstars. 

     Cruit recently moved into a new role as President of the PWA, where he has provided the promotion with fresh ideas and been a general voice for good in the company.

Chris Cruit

President of the PWA

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