Out With The Old (2017) In With The New (2018)


     Put away the Christmas tree, clean up all the confetti and streamer, make those resolutions and get ready because 2017 is a wrap and 2018 is upon us!

     The year 2017 was a wild year for the Premiere Wrestling Alliance. It was the PWA's first full calendar year as a company and it saw our audience and fan base grow by leaps and bounds.

     Those audiences were not disappointed as they saw great action from bell to bell, night in and night out. We started the year with Chris Cruit as PWA Champion and ended with Chris Pain. The PWA United States Championship went from "Outlaw" Tony James to Randy "The Rowdy" Hillbilly to Nick Stevens' "Razorback" JT Hogg. The Tag Team Titles began with Blade & Daily and ended up in the possession of Chris Cruit and "Outlaw" Tony James.

     Many notable events took place in 2017 also. We saw the debut of L.A. Cordova and The Buckeye Kid. The American Outlaws turned their backs on their former leader "Outlaw" Tony James who then formed a friendship with Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly" and then teamed with a returning Chris Cruit. Chris Pain finally realized his dream and became PWA Heavyweight Champion only to lose it just minutes later to Jimmy Fahrenheit. Speaking of Pain and Fahrenheit, those 2 men were in one of the most brutal ladder matches to be seen anywhere in 2017. And in probably the most shocking event of the year, JT Hogg betrayed his nephew Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly" and left him laying in the ring causing Randy to require an ambulance and medical attention following that attack.

     2017 is done and over with and 2018 is here. The PWA Arena has already hosted it's first Live Event of the year and the PWA faithful turned out in droves!

     What is in store in 2018?

A few things for sure. The PWA Arena will continue to be renovated to create the perfect wrestling atmosphere, the PWA is beginning it's own show to air on Facebook and YouTube, new stars will continue to appear and so much more.

      Join us on January 20th for the next installment in the PWA story and bear witness to the 3-Way Dance for the PWA Heavyweight Championship as Chris Pain defends against "Mr. Center of the Earth" Jimmy Fahrenheit and "The Irish Hitman" Lafferty. 

     2017, we hardly knew ye. 2018, let us introduce ourselves.....

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