JT Hogg removed from the Main Event on 10/26, Doctor's orders.

The 26th was gearing up to be a knock down-Pier 6 brawl. Well, that will have to wait. JT Hogg was ordered by his doctor to sit this one out due to medical issues. At this time, due to private affairs, JT wants to keep information under wraps, but the big man plans on returning, he just doesn't know the date. The influence this change has on the Heavyweight Title picture is as big as the HOGG himself. Tommy Forte will take JT's place in the main event and to make sure Tony James is held in check, Chris Cruit has ordered the match to be a Lumberjack match. Tony James has been mocking Tommy as of late with Towel boy chants. When we caught up with Tony James and asked him why the chants his response was interesting. "Towel boy? Dag gone straight he is a towel boy. Tommy Forte is the most underrated wrestler in the PWA. If he would put half the effort into his own career as he does helping others he might be champ by now. Eh, but not the towel boy, he is to busy powdering everyone's behind. Well, bad for him, good good for me." 




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