TICK...TOCK...The clock struck 12.

On October 5th, 2019 Hitman Lafferty's prediction materialized, but not without a fight. The Boricua Boys defeated Bjorn and the Hitman during a heated match between the two teams. However, with the use of the Shot at Greatness option, the Hitman cashed in after the Boricua Boys were left for dead. For those of you who have forgotten the story the Hitman defeated Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly to take the Shot at Greatness option some months ago.  We were able to catch up to the new tag champs, Lafferty stated,"Tick...Tock...Tick..Tock. I told the "Boys" to watch their backs and they did not take me serious, maybe less dancing and more wrestling would have helped them in the end, AH! but it didn't." Bjorn on the other hand just grunted and asked "who is next?" Th


at is a good question, will the former champs come up with a new game plan or will there be a new team to take on the charge of dethroning the new champs? Either way, this title change brings on a new era in tag team wrestling. 

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