Morgan Taylor takes a chair to the head and wakes up PWA U.S. Champion.


On Sept. 7th Morgan Taylor entered the Fatal Four Way match and left with gold.  The PWA nation is still shocked and mortified at the same time. The PWA web-page still has the former champ, Randy, as the champ. When asked for an explanation one of the editors stated, "we will get to it, we are still coming to terms with the title change and we can't get Morgan Taylor to stand still long enough to get a picture." Morgan Taylor has been on a whirlwind of parties and recognition.  As Morgan was primping for the photo shoot he slowed down just enough to give us his comments, "I have always been gorgeous, but now I have gold to prove it."  LA Cordova was on hand during the photo shoot and seemed to be in a more serious state of mind, " It is because of me that Morgan is champ. We work together and we share the fruits of our labor. I'm letting Morgan get it out of his system and then we can get to work on how we will share this great title." Either way, it is a new day in the PWA. The only question, is it gorgeous?



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