Lucky 13 Rumble Delivers


     The Premiere Wrestling Alliance always strives to bring it's fans the most exciting and competitive in-ring action possible. In an effort to continue pursuing that goal, Nick Stevens announced "The Lucky 13 Rumble" would take place at the PWA Arena on February 2nd. 

     Following the announcement, several PWA Superstars took to social media to announce their involvement in the match, and their intentions of winning. Among the announced participants were former PWA Heavyweight Champions in Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly, Gary Gandy, and Jimmy Fahrenheit. Both of the PWA Tag Team Champions, "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor and LA Cordova, were also announced for the match, as well as several young up and comers in the PWA like Kevin Cruit, Cody Blaze, and "The Nordic Nightmare" Bjorn. 

     Everyone who entered had one thing in mind, victory. A win in this special, one-off match could be a huge momentum booster and even could be used to lobby General Manager, Nick Stevens, for a title shot. 

     The match began with tag team partners in the Boricua Boyz facing off against one another. Jeremy Rodriguez and CRipton put on a high flying spectacle for the fans before the other participants joined the match. The biggest victim of the night had to be John D. Crazy Hillbilly. He entered the match at number 7, but before he could make it into the ring, he was jumped from behind by his long time rivals, Vicious & Delicious. The tag team champions used the numbers game to get the edge on the bigger, stronger hillbilly; John D. was helpless when Bjorn entered at number 8, dragged his lifeless body into the ring, and immediately eliminated him. 

     In the end, it came down to "Mr. Five Star" Gary Gandy and "The Real Deal" Kevin Cruit. Both men dug deep, exhausted, but still knowing what a win here could do for their careers. It was a back and forth affair, but in the end "The Real Deal" Kevin Cruit tossed "Mr. Five Star" over the top rope and claimed the victory. 

     When asked about the victory and what it means for his career, Kevin said, "I think this match proves that I belong in contention with the best the PWA has to offer. I just defeated 12 tough competitors and showed everybody that Kevin Cruit is the real deal." Clearly Kevin Cruit, who is one of the PWA's best young talents, thinks this match could be a springboard for his career. "The Real Deal" has all the tools to succeed and with a win in the Lucky 13 rumble, he has now earned a shot against "Outlaw" Tony James for the PWA Heavyweight Championship at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds on April 20th.

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