The Outlaw Retains!

     Dooooooo! On January 19th, "Outlaw" Tony James successfully defended his PWA Heavyweight Championship against  Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly at the PWA Arena in "The Rematch."

    When Tony James captured his first PWA Heavyweight Championship on November 17th, a lot of fans saw Tony's crowning moment as a bit of a fluke. After all, Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly, who to that point had been a dominant, fighting champion, was nursing several minor injuries and was forced to defend his title on short notice by PWA General Manager Nick Stevens. But nonetheless, "The Outlaw" used his trusty Bell of Justice to topple Randy and become the second ever PWA Triple Crown Champion. 

     A stronger, healthier Randy fancied his chances in the rematch. He had some time to recover a bit and was ready and prepared for James the second time around. PWA fans and Nick Stevens both agreed that this match was very important. As a result, Nick Stevens decided to appoint a special guest referee in the form of in-ring veteran and former PWA Heavyweight Champion, Chris Cruit. 

     "The Franchise Player" promised to be a fair and impartial official, despite his history with Tony James and Randy. Cruit and James dominated the tag team division, before Tony turned his back on Cruit to chase Heavyweight gold. Chris Cruit called the match down the middle, as promised. He even stopped "The Outlaw" when he attempted to use his trusty cow bell as a weapon. In the ensuing chaos, Randy charged Tony who side stepped as Randy collided with Cruit.

     Never one to take a shot in the back lying down, Cruit promptly got in Randy's face. The Rowdy Hillbilly apologized profusely, but Tony took advantage, rolling up Randy as Cruit made a quick three count. Randy was stunned as Chris Cruit left the ring, still fuming over the incidental contact. 

     With Randy defeated, the Devil's River, Texas native took to the microphone. He proceeded to besmirch the legacy of the PWA Heavyweight Championship and it's past champions. Tony said he needed a title that represented him, not the other former champions. He unveiled the "Outlaw Championship" to a stunned crowd at the PWA Arena. "The Outlaw" stated that this custom title, adorned with his trademark steers on the side plates, would be the only title carried by James. Until someone is able to defeat the champ, the PWA Heavyweight Championship belt will be lost to history. 

     Certainly James will not be short on challengers for that title, as many a PWA star would love to be the hero to restore the classic PWA Heavyweight Championship. Neither Tony nor Nick Stevens has announced who the Champion's next challenger will be or when he will defend it again. Randy the Rowdy Hillbilly will surely want another crack at the title, but given his troubled relationship with Nick Stevens, we may very well see a new challenger to the throne in the near future. 



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