Countdown: The Top 10 Moments Of 2018 In PWA



     The Premiere Wrestling Alliance recently did a year-end special, recapping the year of 2018 by counting down the top 10 moments of the past year. Here is a look at those moments:


     10. New Faces: The PWA saw a lot of new debuts in 2018. New superstars like "The Real Deal" Kevin Cruit, "The Nordic Nightmare" Bjorn, Jeffery John, and more all had their first professional wrestling matches in the past year. Here is a look at the new faces that appeared in 2018:


     9. Dress-ed up: It's safe to say that Vicious & Delicious had a bit of an up and down year in 2018. They captured the PWA Tag Team Championships on two separate occasions and are even carrying those titles into 2019. However, the most memorable moment for "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor and LA Cordova from 2018 will certainly have come back at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds in April, when Vicious & Delicious suffered humiliation at the hands of Team Straight Fire and were forced to wear dresses in the ring for the next several months:


     8. Nick Stevens GM: Another PWA star who had an eventful year is Nick Stevens. Nick started the year as a ring announcer before becoming the manager/caretaker of "The Razorback" JT Hogg. Once JT Hogg was gone, Nick Stevens somehow parlayed his recent success into becoming the General Manager of the Premiere Wrestling Alliance. This announcement was met with mixed reviews from the PWA locker room, but none more negatively than "The Southern Knight" Bryan Blade. It's safe to say the 20+ year veteran was in the midst of one of the longest cold spells of his career, but few expected the harsh decision from Mr. Stevens. The new GM ruled that if Bryan Blade could not defeat "The Irish Hitman" Lafferty at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds in October, he would be fired from the PWA. What followed was one of the most emotional and heart-wrenching moments of 2018:


     7. Hall of Famers: The PWA was privileged enough to play host to several big names from the world of both professional wrestling and combat sports. In March, fans were treated to a special guest appearance from UFC Hall of Famer and WWE legend, Dan "The Beast" Severn. And in July, it was a group of the baddest man ever, as WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, former UFC fighter Wes Sims, and UFC Hall of Famer Mark "The Hammer" Coleman, all stopped by Lancaster, OH to take part in PWA's Red, White, and Bruised. But all four of these men had one thing in common. They were all confronted by Vicious & Delicious:


     6. Hillbillies Cash In: The number six moment of 2018 actually directly followed the moment at number seven. After Morgan Taylor and LA Cordova were laid out at the hands of Mark Coleman, Wes Sims, and Kevin Nash; The Crazy Hillbillies appeared. Juan Crazy Hillbilly had recently won the "Shot at Greatness" Battle Royale to earn a title shot of their choosing. Any time; any place. With the brand new PWA Tag Team Champions incapacitated, Juan Crazy Hillbilly, John D. Crazy Hillbilly, and Anita Crazy Hillbilly all decided to cash in their shot, and within a few short moments, we had new PWA Tag Team Champions:


     5. New U.S. Champ/ Razorback Retires: One of the biggest rivalries of 2018 (if not the biggest) was between Randy the Rowdy Hillbilly and his disgraced uncle, "The Razorback" JT Hogg. Randy and JT had several memorable clashes in 2018, as we will see through the remainder of the countdown, but the one that lands at number 5, is their final clash in June at the James D. Singer Activity Center in Zanesville, OH. "The Razorback's" United States Championship was on the line, but the stakes were higher even then the title . If the undefeated Razorback lost to Randy, he would be forced to retire from PWA. And on top of all this, the PWA decided to eliminate the interference of Nick Stevens by putting the former family members in a steel cage. This was a clash that PWA fans won't soon forget:


     4. Randy Wins Gold: Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly is also at the center of out number four moment. Heading into Red, White, and Bruised, Gary Gandy was in the middle of one of the strongest runs of his career. He had an iron grasp on the PWA Heavyweight Title. The PWA Board saw fit to book a champion vs. champion match for the showcase event of the year between Gandy and Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly. Who would walk out of the Fairfield County Fairgrounds with the title around their waist:


     3. Tommy Forte!: Of course, Randy was not the only PWA superstar to reach new heights in 2018. Perhaps no one broke out in 2018 like Tommy Forte. Tommy set his sights on the vacant PWA United States Championship after Red, White, and Bruised, and after a chaotic number one contender's battle royale, he was set to face Jimmy Fahrenheit and Jeffrey John for a chance at the first title in his PWA career. In one of the better in ring matches of 2018, Tommy Forte defeated Jeffrey John and Jimmy Fahrenheit to bring the PWA United States Championship back to "Titletown":


     2. Tony Scores Big: We would of course be remiss if we didn't include the current reigning and defending PWA Heavyweight Champion somewhere in the countdown. Tony spent most of 2018 running roughshod over the PWA tag team division with his partner Chris Cruit. But after they lost their tag team titles at Red, White, and Bruised; Tony James began distancing himself from Chris Cruit. He had a change in demeanor. He was more aggressive and easily agitated. But he was winning, and winning convincingly. "The Outlaw" was granted a title shot against Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly in November at the PWA Arena. Tony capitalized on his opportunity and won the gold:


     1. Randy Is Back!: There was a lot of debate over where different moments should rank on this list, but the one thing that most everyone could agree on was the number one spot. The biggest moment of the year in PWA came back in March in the PWA Arena. "The Razorback" JT Hogg was the PWA United States Champion and was undefeated since becoming "The Razorback" and joining forces with Nick Stevens. Randy had been missing since 2017 when he was injured after a vicious beat down at the hands of his uncle. It seemed like there was no one who could stand up to JT Hogg, until the lights went out and Randy appeared, going toe to toe with "The Razorback" with the first time in front of a raucous sold out crowd:

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