Hillbilly's Overcome The Odds



     The Hillbilly's defied the odds by defeating three champions in a three-on-two handicap match on December 15th at the PWA Arena in front of a standing room only crowd. 

     The last time PWA fans saw Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly, he had just suffered a rough defeat at the hands of "Outlaw" Tony James and lost his PWA Heavyweight Championship. At the next event, Tony James celebrated on "The Dish" with Vicious & Delicious. He proudly declared that the Hillbilly's were "finally gone." Of course, Tony James had forgotten about John D. Crazy Hillbilly and Anita Crazy Hillbilly, who interrupted his interview. John would challenge "Outlaw" to a match that evening. A match that would end in disqualification when Tony James cracked John with his signature cow bell. 

     Anita watched on in shock as Vicious & Delicious and Tony James put the boots to John D. Crazy Hillbilly after the match. Helpless as John took three straight Gorgeous Drops from "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor. Shortly thereafter, PWA announced a three-on-two handicap match in the main event of the next event on December 15th. Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly would team with John D. Crazy Hillbilly to take on Tony James, Morgan Taylor, and LA Cordova. If the Hillbilly's won, however, they would receive title shots in their respective divisions. Randy would get his rematch against Tony James, and John D. Crazy Hillbilly would get one more shot at the PWA Tag Team Championships against "Vicious & Delicious."

     The task seemed tall from the start. After all, "Outlaw" Tony James is the PWA Heavyweight Champion, and "Vicious & Delicious" hold the tag team gold. And the group certainly looked formidable standing in the ring at the PWA arena, with a championship title adorning the waist of each man. However the Hillbilly's are never one to back down from a challenge. They brought the fight to the champions. Of course, after a while the numbers game caught up with the Hillbilly's. 

     Just as all seemed lost, and it looked like "Vicious & Delicious" and "Outlaw" Tony James once again had the Hillbilly's number, Randy dug deep and managed to reach his corner to tag John. John came in like a house of fire. For several months he had endured sneak attacks, beat-downs, and the surprise deportation of his cousin, Juan Crazy Hillbilly. He unleashed all his frustration on "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor. One gorgeous slip-up later and the Hillbilly's stood tall.

     While neither of the title matches have been officially scheduled, PWA General Manager Nick Stevens begrudgingly admitted that both Randy and John will receive title matches "sooner rather than later." For updates in regards to the scheduling of said championship contest, stay tuned to PWA social media and PWAOhio.com.

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