PWA Enters "The Outlaw Era"


    PWA fans were stunned on November 17th when "Outlaw" Tony James defeated Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly" to claim the PWA Heavyweight Championship.

     Randy had faced a ton of adversity in his time as PWA Heavyweight Champion. From the day he defeated his uncle, the dastardly "Razorback" JT Hogg to win the title; to his defenses against the "Nordic Nightmare" Bjorn. Randy has never shied away from a challenge. That's why he accepted the terms set by PWA General Manager Nick Stevens at the PWA Arena on November 3rd. Randy would have to defend his title against the winner of a number one contender's battle royal. This was despite having an injured ankle from his previous title defense against Bjorn only weeks prior. 

     When Tony James won the battle royal, Randy rose to the occasion. The "Outlaw" told the PWA fans he was coming for Randy's title, and he wasn't leaving the PWA Arena without it. As the match got underway, Randy's condition seemed OK. He was moving fine and his limp was nearly gone. But Tony James was able to use Randy's still limited agility to out maneuver the big man and keep him off balance for most of the contest. 

     Just as it seemed Randy's trademark heart and determination would win the day, PWA referee Johnny Long collided with Randy and went down. As a concerned champion checked on Long's health, Tony James seized his opportunity and grabbed "The Bell of Justice". When Randy turned around he was met with the stiff crack of metal on his cranium. Amazingly Randy was still standing, so "The Outlaw" repeated the gesture, cracking him with the bell off the second rope for a second time. 

     Randy collapsed to his knees, clinging to consciousness as Tony alerted the referee and locked in a sleeper hold. It wasn't long until Randy was out cold and Tony was standing tall with the PWA Heavyweight Championship in his grasp. The PWA fans sat quietly as their hero slowly awoke and realized what had just happened. "The Outlaw" celebrated after claiming the PWA's top prize and became the second ever PWA Triple Crown Champion. Nick Stevens has failed to comment on whether or not Randy would be granted a rematch, but according to Tony James, "The Outlaw Era has only just begun." 

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