End Of The Road For Bryan Blade?


      A lot of the culture of professional wrestling is built around respect for the veterans who came before you and laid the groundwork for the next generation. In the PWA, no one exemplifies that mentality more than "The Southern Knight" Bryan Blade. 

     Bryan is a veteran of 24 years. He was brought up in the Oklahoma territories and was taught by some of the most legendary names in the wrestling business, including Harley Race. He's a throwback to a tougher era of professional wrestling. While not every one gets along with Bryan, almost everyone in the PWA locker room has respect for his pedigree and accomplishments in the squared circle. 

     Despite his experience and power, Bryan Blade has been on one of the worst runs of his career as of late. A lot of people have speculated that maybe Father Time has caught up with Bryan Blade. Maybe it's time for him to hang up his boots. One of the people who believes this is PWA General Manager Nick Stevens. Stevens has been vocal about Bryan Blade's recent losing streak and has been public in not being high on the wily veteran. He even went as far as to try to leave "The Southern Knight" off the card for PWA's October showcase event at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. 

     An incensed Bryan Blade cornered Nick Stevens during an interview with Aaron Hurt. He demanded competition. Nick Stevens would oblige. Stevens booked a match between Bryan Blade and "The Irish Hitman" Lafferty for the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. And Nick Stevens went further, adding the stipulation that if Bryan Blade lost, he would be forced to retire from in-ring competition in the PWA. Nick Stevens added "[Bryan Blade's] losing streak is unacceptable. The PWA only host the highest level competitors, and frankly Bryan Blade is past his sell by date."

     Bryan Blade was not able to be reached for comment, but he walked into the Fairfield County Fairgrounds with the weight of a 24 year career on his shoulders. If he could not beat Lafferty on that night, it would all be over. The stipulation brought the best out of the grizzled veteran. He moved with an urgency and hit with a tenacity that had been missing in previous matches. It caught the Irish Hitman off guard, and Bryan Blade was inches away from picking up the three count on multiple occasions. 

     Of course Lafferty would not go down without a fight. The former PWA Heavyweight Champion weathered the storm and battled back, but the PWA crowd urged Bryan Blade on. Despite all the dastardly deeds he had committed the crowd respected Bryan Blade and did not want to see his career end like this. The PWA fans respect Bryan Blade. With the fans in his corner, Bryan Blade dug deep and mounted one last comeback, and just when it seemed "The Southern Knight" would pull the upset, Lafferty caught Blade off balance with a vicious spear put him away for the three count. 

     The crowd sat in stunned silence as Lafferty celebrated his win. Bryan Blade's career was over. The Oklahoma veteran sat in the ring, surely reflecting on his career and contemplating a life after professional wrestling. Then he suddenly realised he was still in the ring, and slowly the old dog made it to his feet and made his way up the ramp and through the curtain, for the last time. 

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