Tommy Forte Triumphs In Zanesville

     The PWA finally crowned a new United States Champion in Zanesville, OH when Tommy Forte defeated Jeffery John and Jimmy Fahrenheit to capture his first championship title in his PWA career. 

     The PWA United States Championship had spent months in limbo after being vacated by Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly. When Randy captured the PWA Heavyweight Championship, the PWA Board of Directors determined that Randy could not hold both titles at the same time and ordered that he vacate one. For months the United States Championship remained vacant until Nick Stevens was appointed the General Manager of the PWA. Stevens made it his top priority to crown a new and deserving PWA United States Champion.

      Nick Steven's solution came in the form of an over the top rope battle royal. The final two men would go on to compete in a singles match in Zanesville, OH to crown a new champion. Controversy ensued however, when Jimmy Fahrenheit and Tommy Forte had both thought they were the final two men before Jeffery John emerged from under the ring and eliminated both men at the exact same time. 

      Nick Stevens was forced to make another decision on the spot. Rather than cancel the marquee match and disappoint the fans, Stevens declared the champion would be decided in a three way dance between Fahrenheit, Forte, and John. Jeffery John was visibly shaken by the news, believing he should be crowned champion right then and there, since he won the match outright. 

      In Zanesville, a dynamic and high paced match took place with all three men coming withing milliseconds of capturing the title. In the end, it was Jeffery John who made the first big mistake when he missed a high risk maneuver opening the door for Tommy Forte to capitalize and win his first PWA gold. 

      Tommy was elated after the match, telling "It feels great, to see all my hard work and time and effort pay off. I'm proud to be U.S. Champion". However, not everyone was as excited for Mr. Forte. Jeffery John was quoted as saying, "That wasn't a three way dance, that was a two on one assault. They [Fahrenheit and Forte] ganged up on me because they knew they couldn't beat me one on one." Like it or not, Jeffery John may have a legitimate grievance, and Nick Stevens may have to deal with that down the line, but for now Tommy Forte is your PWA United States Champion, and no one is going to spoil his parade. 


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