Redemption For Randy As Nick Stevens Recovers From Steel Cage Beating

     It's over. After eight long months it's finally over. The feud between Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly and The Razorback finally came to a head in Zanesville, Ohio.

     The family members turned enemies have been at odds ever since JT Hogg turned on his nephew, attacking him with a crutch, and putting him on the shelf for six months. In Randy's absence, The Razorback (as he insisted he now be called) went on absolute tear, going undefeated and winning the PWA United States Championship. With manager/handler Nick Stevens by his side, The Razorback seemed unstoppable. That is, until Randy returned in March to confront his uncle. 

    Subsequent clashes between JT and Randy only served to elevate the issue until PWA management stepped in. They announced that Randy and The Razorback would clash in the first steel cage match in PWA history. To raise the stakes the PWA United States Championship was placed on the line, and the loser would have to leave the PWA following the match. 

     Needless to say, both men had everything to lose when they stepped into the ring in Zanesville. The two titans of PWA finally clashed. Eventually The Razorback and Nick Stevens used their typical underhanded tactics to gain the advantage. Many fans in attendance believed that they were witnessing the last Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly match ever in PWA. But Randy used the heart, determination, and perseverance that had been instilled in him growing up on the farm with JT and the rest of the Hillbilly clan to dig deep and use every ounce of energy to pick up the Razorback and slam him to the canvas before hitting one final splash and covering JT for the three count. 

     A livid Nick Stevens would storm the ring as Randy celebrated. He berated and even slapped his monster. A beaten and broken Razorback grabbed Nick Stevens by the shirt, before throwing him to the mat and calmly exiting the ring closing the cage shut behind him. And after eight long months of pain and redemption, Randy had his shot at revenge. Randy beat Nick Stevens from one end of the cage to the other before leaving a broken heap in the ring as he celebrated his new PWA United States Championship. 

     PWA's resident reporter, Aaron Hurt, met Nick Stevens at the hospital for an exclusive interview. That interview is available on, as fans wonder what is next for Nick Stevens now that his monster, The Razorback, is no longer allowed in the PWA.






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