Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly" Earns Title Shot Against Gandy On May 19th.




     The PWA has crowned a new number one contender to the PWA Heavyweight Championship and it's none other than Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly". 

     After PWA Heavyweight Champion Gary Gandy defeated Tommy Forte at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds on April 21st, it became clear that the PWA board of directors would need to find a new opponent for Gary. Rather than just declare someone the challenger, the board decided to settle it in the ring and declared a gauntlet match to find a new number one contender. 

      Chase Ryan, Jimmy Fahrenheit, "The Southern Knight" Bryan Blade, "Wicked" Will, and Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly" were all selected for the gauntlet with Randy entering last and pinning "Wicked" Will to secure the number one contendership.

     The match-up between Randy and Gary is an intriguing one to say the least. On one hand, Gary Gandy has been a dominant champion, beating the likes of Tommy Forte and Jimmy Fahrenheit during his current reign. He also has his "protege" Will on the outside ready to stick his nose in whenever he deems necessary. On the other hand, there is "Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly". Randy has been on fire since his return to the PWA back in March. He confronted the man who put him on the shelf for 6 months, "The Razorback" JT Hogg, and put a whipping on him before Nick Stevens got the match thrown out by DQ. If Randy can turn that fire and momentum towards Gary Gandy, he may very well be the new PWA Heavyweight Champion. 

     The match has already been set for the main event on May 19th at the PWA School of Professional Wrestling. Tickets are available at PWAOhio.com.

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