PWA Supercard Set For April 21



      The Premiere Wrestling Alliance will make it's triumphant return to the Fairfield County Fairgrounds with an absolutely stacked card for the ages on April 21st.

     Already announced are two huge matches in the PWA tag team division. First, the team of "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor and L.A. Cordova will take on Straight Fire in a "Loser Wears a Dress Match". This feud started between Morgan Taylor and Chase Ryan way back in January, and has only gotten stronger with time. Morgan Taylor even turned his back on Chase Ryan after being forced to tag with him, instead choosing to align himself with L.A. Cordova. After weeks of Cordova and Taylor using the numbers game against Chase Ryan, the young upstart finally found an equalizer in the form of Jimmy Fahrenheit. With the playing field leveled, Morgan and L.A have resorted to hit and run tactics, before finally Jimmy and Chase goaded the two arrogant stars into signing a contract for what will surely prove to be one of the most unique match types in the history of the PWA.

     Elsewhere in the tag team division, Mastiff and Jason Andrews will challenge "The Franchise Player" Chris Cruit and "Outlaw" Tony James for the PWA Tag Team Championships. Mastiff and Andrews have earned a huge opportunity after goading the champs into offering them a title shot that many feel they have not earned. When asked about Mastiff and Andrews' challenge, Chris Cruit said, "Listen, if these two kids want to attack us from behind, and ruin matches, then we can throw them into the deep end and give them a shot at the titles. And hey, it's sink or swim for Jason and Mastiff." While it would surely be a huge upset for Mastiff and Andrews to take the tag titles from the more established champions, perhaps the young guns have a few tricks up their sleeves.

     Meanwhile, the ongoing feud between PWA Heavyweight Champion Gary Gandy and Forte Rico will culminate in a Heavyweight Title shot for Tommy Forte. In recent weeks, Tommy Forte and his exciting tag team partner, Jeremy Rodriguez, have given Gary Gandy all he can handle. In return, Gary Gandy shattered the nose of Tommy Forte in a match at the PWA Arena. Now, Tommy Forte is fully recovered and is gunning for Gandy's precious PWA Heavyweight Championship. Of course the x-factors in this match will certainly be the managers in Jeremy Rodriguez and Gary Gandy's protege/servant, Wicked Will. If past contests are anything to go by, that match should be an absolute barn-burner. 

     But the match that has everyone buzzing is the long awaited showdown between Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly" and "The Razorback" JT Hogg. This issue stretches back to last September when Randy was attacked before a United States Title defense by an unknown assailant. When Randy returned, he fingered his own uncle, JT, as the culprit. Hogg denied it at first, before snatching Randy's crutch from his hand and beating him senseless with it, forcing Randy to be hospitalized. Randy would not be seen for months and a lot changed in that time. JT's change in attitude seems to be due to his new manager and handler, Nick Stevens. Dubbing him "The Razorback" Stevens lead the once jovial hillbilly on a path of destruction, capturing the PWA United States Championship and leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Just as it seemed no one would be able to stop the deranged "Razorback", Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly" returned, vowing to end JT Hogg's misery and cause it for Nick Stevens. Meanwhile, Stevens and Hogg have promised to "...destroy poor Randy." The uncle and nephew will finally come to blows at the Fairgrounds.

     Tickets are available right here at and in person at M&M Pawn Shop for only $8. Don't miss these exciting matches and others soon to be announced when the PWA returns to the Fairfield County Fairgrounds on April 21st.

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