Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly's Dramatic Return



     On March 3rd at the PWA Arena Randy the Rowdy Hillbilly made his triumphant return in front of a capacity crowd to confront his uncle and ex-partner JT Hogg.

     The Razorback and his manager/handler, Nick Stevens, made an open challenge to anyone in the PWA locker room. His challenge was answered by not just one man, but two. "The Loverboy" Terrence Morelli and "Takin' Care of Business" Cody Blaze both answered the challenge. But it was all for naught. The Razorback vanquished both competitors with relative ease. 

     The Razorback stood tall and victorious as Nick Stevens gushed about his monster's accomplishments and list of victims. At that moment the lights went out and a cryptic message appeared on the screen. The end of the video would reveal a smirking Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly. Randy appeared before the crowd to a thunderous ovation, as he stood staring down the man who stabbed him in the back. Nick Stevens abandoned the scene, and a new Randy marched to the ring.

     Gone was his jovial smile and upbeat theme music. His eyes remained locked on the remnants of the man who used to be his uncle. As Randy and The Razorback squared off, the tension in the room was palpable. The two former partners traded blows, months of disdain and hurt behind every punch before Randy got the upper hand and expelled The Razorback from the ring before PWA officials arrived to break up the fight. 

     Later, Randy reappeared and vowed to put The Razorback out of his misery and to cause misery and suffering for Nick Stevens. Of course The Razorback and Nick Stevens refused to comment on the events of the evening, but Randy did respond to our requests. He said, "It felt great to be back in front of the crowd at the PWA Arena, but I have unfinished business. I love JT, and because I love him, I end his suffering."

     PWA fans can stay tuned to the PWA Youtube show to see Randy's return and all the other exciting action from the March 3rd event.

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