Big Shake Up Changes Landscape of Tag Team Division




     There have been a lot of changes in the PWA Tag Team Division as of late with new tag teams looking to make their mark and take the titles from Chris Cruit and "Outlaw" Tony James. 

     On January 20th at the PWA Arena we saw a tag team contest between LA Cordova and Bryan Blade, and "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor and Chase Ryan. However the match would not play out the way most fans and commentators expected it to. Blade and Cordova entered the match as clear favorites. Even though "The Southern Knight" and LA have had their differences as of late; they do have a history teaming together, and there is clearly no love lost between Chase Ryan and Morgan Taylor. Well into the match, however, Bryan Blade's friend and partner, "The Mercenary" Jim Daly would make his return. Together, The American Outlaws abandoned LA in the middle of the ring, effectively ending their business relationship. 

     Without Bryan Blade, LA would struggle with the two on one and it all looked like a formality up until the moment "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor turned his back on Chase Ryan, hitting with a Gorgeous Drop and leaving him to LA for the pin. After the match Morgan would resume the attack with LA joining him and the two would leave arm in arm with a new alliance. 

     With the return of the American Outlaws, the formation of LA and Morgan as a tag team, and the debuts of a few other young up-and-coming teams like Bull Mastiff and "Takin' Care of Business" Cody Blaze; the tag team division in the Premiere Wrestling Alliance appears to be more competitive than ever. Everyone of these teams will be gunning for a shot at the champs, "The Franchise Player" Chris Cruit and "Outlaw" Tony James. We reached out to Cruit to ask him about the new competition and he responded, "Obviously whenever you hold the titles you have a target on your back, but Tony and I are fighting champs and we are ready to take on any and all challengers." And while Cruit & James are confident, it seems like there may be more challengers to the PWA tag team throne than ever before.

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