Blockbuster Triple Threat Match Made For PWA Heavyweight Championship At The Premiere Event



     PWA Heavyweight Champion Chris Pain's plan backfired on January 6th at the PWA Arena when his interference in a number one contenders match lead to the crowning of two number one contenders.

     "The One True Superstar" decided to ring in the new year by pitting his two biggest contenders, Jimmy Fahrenheit and "The Irish Hitman" Lafferty in a no DQ match at the Premiere Wrestling Alliance's first event of 2018. It seemed like an ingenious plan at the time. The Champ had successfully forced his two challengers to brutally maim each other in order to get a shot at his PWA Heavyweight title. 

     And maim each other they did. Lafferty and Fahrenheit had an all out war as they each pummeled one another in the name of PWA Championship glory. In the end a bloodied Jimmy Fahrenheit his his signature top rope splash only to have Chris Pain ring the bell before he could make the cover, ending the match as a no contest. After a vicious three way brawl, Aaron Hurt made an announcement on behalf of the PWA board of directors. On January 20th Chris Pain will defend his Heavyweight Championship against both Lafferty and Jimmy Fahrenheit in a triple threat match. 

     When asked about the board's decision Chris Pain responded, "If the board of directors thinks, with a few strokes of a pen, they could undo all of the hard work I have put into becoming not only the PWA Champion; but the greatest PWA Champion, then they are absolutely insane". None the less the PWA Heavyweight Championship will be on the line January 20th live at The Premiere Event in Lancaster, Ohio. That event will also see PWA Tag Team Champions "Franchise Player" Chris Cruit and "Outlaw" Tony James defend their titles against the popular young upstarts Forte-Rico. Tickets for The Premiere Event are available right here on

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