Razorback Wrecks Competition, Wins United States Title

       The Premiere Wrestling Alliance rolled into Newark, Ohio on November 11th with the promise of an exciting, hard hitting tournament to crown a new United States Champion. 

      After Randy the Rowdy Hillbilly was forced to vacate his PWA United States Championship due to an injury at his former kin-folk JT Hogg, The PWA board was faced with a dilemma. How do they crown a new, deserving United States Champion from a talented pool of competitors vying for championship gold? In the end, they settled on an eight man tournament on Veteran's Day for the right to be called United States Champion. 

    How JT Hogg managed to squeeze his way into the tournament is anyone's guess. After all, he was responsible for the injuries sustained by the former champ, Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly." One can imagine his new manager and keeper, Nick Stevens probably played a roll. Ever since JT shocked the PWA audience by turning his back on his nephew, beating him senseless with a crutch at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds, "The Razorback" has changed both his image and his attitude. Gone is the jovial hillbilly dancing and clapping with fans. His overalls dirty and tattered and his face smeared with crimson paint, JT no longer dances and smiles. He stalks and snarls. 

     The "Razorback" kicked off the tournament by defeating both members of Forte Rico in quick succession. First, he bested Jeremy Rodriguez, dismantling the exciting and quick, yet much smaller competitor in a brutal and dominant fashion. Jeremy's friend and partner, Tommy Forte, was quick to come to his friends aid. Having already sealed his spot in the semi-final with a win over Wicked Will, Tommy hopped in the ring and challenged JT right then and there. What happened next shocked the live crowd. The formidable Forte threw blow after blow at "The Razorback" but JT shrugged it off, defeating Tommy with a chokeslam quickly and emphatically. A finals match with The Buckeye Kid awaited.

     The Buckeye Kid earned two hard fought victories over "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor and "The Irish Hitman" Lafferty to get to the final. However, both matches left his ribs bruised as he battled in the main event. And while The Buckeye Kid was momentarily able to make JT look vulnerable, "The Razorback" ultimately prevailed in dominant fashion. With a new attitude, a new title, and Nick Stevens by his side, it remains to be seen if JT Hogg can be stopped. When asked about future competition, Nick Stevens said, "My monster fears no man, and will destroy anyone and anything in his path." 




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