Who Done It?

     There are a lot of rumors and allegations flying around as to who could have

possibly been behind the backstage assault on Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly" on October 7th

at the PWA Arena. And while "Outlaw" Tony James is looking for a new partner to take

on The American Outlaws on October 21st at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds, we here

at PWAOhio.com have launched our own investigation. These are the six most likely



Suspect 1: "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor

The prime suspect in this whole debacle has to be "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor.

The Massachussets Metrosexual has had a long ongoing feud with Randy's family in the

form of JT Hogg. There is even physical evidence to suggest Morgan Taylor's guilt. The

Boston Native bragged for weeks about stealing JT Hogg's lucky horseshoe, and was

known to have had it in his possesion at the show prior to the attack. When Randy the

Rowdy Hillbilly was attacked from behind, JT's horseshoe was found on the scene.

Morgan claims his innocence, saying that he misplaced the horseshoe and someone is

framing him. Even still, he is the primary suspect in this mystery.



2: The American Outlaws

Let's talk about motive. Who has the biggest motive for taking out Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly" ahead of Saturday's event at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds? Probably none other than The American Outlaws themselves. With Randy out of the picture, "Outlaw" Tony James is forced to find a new partner for his encounter with his former brothers in arms, or be forced to go in alone. Either result surely makes for an

easier night for the "The Mercenary" Jim Daly and "The Southern Knight" Bryan Blade.  The PWA Tag Team Champions have also shown time and time again that they are not above taking underhanded shortcuts to hold on to their gold.




Suspect 3: LA Cordova

 LA Cordova's motives are likely very similar to those of the American Outlaws,

seeing as he has spent a significant amount of money for the representation of the PWA Tag

Team Champions. Perhaps LA Cordova is looking to make a statement by taking out a

PWA stalwart in Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly". Maybe LA Cordova is vying for another shot

at the PWA United States Championship. The young rising star in the PWA has made a

sizable impact since arriving in earlier this year. Still with the American Outlaws in his

corner, maybe LA feels empowered to step out and take on a newer, bigger challenge.

However, there is no actual evidence to suggest LA is responsible and, like everyone

else, he has not taken ownership of this heinous act.


Suspect 4: Chris Pain

 At first glance Chris Pain seems unlikely to have committed the assault on Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly. He has been embroiled in a feud with PWA Heavyweight Champion Jimmy

Farenheit after Jimmy cashed in his Shot at Greatness and stole Chris Pain's spotlight at

Red, White, and Bruised. However, in talking to Chris, he is extremely confident that he

will regain the PWA Heavyweight title at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds on the 21st,

even if it is in a ladder match. It would be within the realm of possibility that Chris Pain is

pre-emptively eliminating potential contenders for his new-found title, starting with Randy

the Rowdy Hillbilly. It would also explain the prescence of JT's horseshoe, as Chris Pain

is a former tag team champion with "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor and would have had

access to the horseshoe.


Suspect 5: "Outlaw" Tony James

 Some fans may be shocked at Tony James' inclusion on this list. It seemed like

Tony may have turned over a new leaf when he protected Randy from an all out assault

by the American Outlaws last month. However, some fans are still skeptical of The

Outlaw's new attitude. Tony James has been know to play the long-con in the past.

Perhaps this whole thing was a set up to further his quest for Randy's PWA United

States Championship. It seems unlikely, but it's certainly not impossible.





Suspect 6: Someone Completely New

 Of course there is a distinct possibility that this assault was committed by

someone who the PWA fans haven't even met yet. PWA management is constatnly

looking for fresh new stars, and new faces appear in the company on a semi-frequent

basis. One of these young guns may have attacked Randy in either a statement upon

arrival, or a bid to leapfrong the line for a PWA United States Championship match. This

strategy is not unheard of, as "Outlaw" Tony James debuted in a similar manner several

years ago when he attacked then US Champ Bryan Blade in the middle of his Red,

White, and Bruised title defense. Perhaps the attack on the lovable hillbilly is just

foreshadowing a new debut in the PWA.

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