The Feud Rages On Between The Hillbilly & The Gorgeous One


     The Premiere Wrestling Alliance capped off another excellent show at the PWA Arena in
Lancaster, Ohio on September 16th. It was a night full of highlights and memorable moments. From the
American Outlaws betrayal of Tony James and their subsequent defending of the PWA tag team titles
against young upstarts Forte Rico; to Jimmy Farenheit's succesful PWA Heavyweight Championship
defense against Chris Pain. But perhaps the most consequential moment of the night was the
continuation of the ongoing feud between "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor and JT Hogg.

     Morgan Taylor strutted to the ring, arrogant and flamboyant as ever, and adorned in his typical
loud sequin get up and golden feather boas. But the "Massachusetts Metrosexual" had a new accessory
along with his usual ensemble in the form of JT Hogg's lucky horseshoe. The same horeshoe given to JT
by his mother, and worn at every PWA event as a lucky charm. Taylor grabbed a microphone and
addressed JT, taunting him, calling the stolen item "rusty, crappy, and cheap". The Scufflin' Hillbilly had
heard enough. JT stormed to the ring a man on a mission. The usually jovial and happy hillbilly went
directly after Morgan Taylor, beating him from post to post until Morgan could escpae the ring for a
breather. In the end JT had Morgan right where he wanted him. Trapped in the corner with no where else
to run, Morgan siezed an opportunity when the referee ducked his head to break up a five count. "The
Gorgeous One" grabbed JT's old trusty horseshoe off of the ring post and cracked it over JT Hogg's
head, drawing blood.
     And although Morgan Taylor was unable to pick up the victory after his blatant cheap shot, he
was able to slither out of the ring before JT could regain control. Even though Hogg had won the match
via count out, the hillbilly fumed as Morgan Taylor escaped his grasp with his "precious family heirloom"
still in his grasp. Before the night was out, PWA ring announcer Aaron Hurt would catch up with a furious
and distraught JT Hogg. JT grabbed the microphone from Aaron Hurt, looked directly into the camera
and spoke to Gorgeous Morgan Taylor saying, "Morgan Taylor, you crossed the line when you hit me
with my own horseshoe, and drew blood. Next time we step into that ring I'm gonna completely
destroy you." We here at have attempted to reach out to "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor for a
comment but he has thus far declined our requests. PWA fans will be anxious to see if and how this
matter can be resolved in the coming weeks.

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