Jimmy Fahrenheit Cashes In & Wins!


     Saturday Night July 8th, 2017 will most certainly go down in the Premiere Wrestling Alliance history books as a historic night.

     Not only did the PWA present its' annual mega event; Red, White & Bruised, but another event or should we say events stood out that evening.

     This was the evening where Chris Pain was slated to get his long awaited PWA Title Match against then Champion, "The Franchise Player" Chris Cruit. This rivalry had been building for months and had reached its' crescendo and the men were poised to do whatever necessary to walk out with that Championship.

     The match was hard fought and left everyone guessing up until the very end when Cruit rolled Pain up for a small package, only to have it reversed and Pain scored the pinfall and became the NEW PWA Heavyweight Champion. The fans were stunned as the new Champion celebrated with the championship belt and watched on as Cruit tried to make sense of what had just happened.

     Chris Pain grabbed the microphone and addressed the crowd, 


"Cut my music please. How many of you ignorant, stupid hillbillies thought Chris Cruit was actually gonna defeat "The One True Superstar" Chris Pain? I told you guys exactly what I was gonna do. Did any of you believe me? No! Cause you guys are inbred hillbillies.

I will go down in history as the greatest PWA Heavyweight Champion in history. And with that being said, I will even go a step further, and say that I will become the longest reigning PWA Heavyweight Champion of all time!"


     Cruit's 357 day reign as PWA Champion was over and the lifelong dream of Chris Pain had just been fullfilled. He was now the PWA Champion and there was nothing anyone could do about that!

     Or so it seemed.....

     As Pain was about to head off and celebrate his newly won title, a familiar face ran through the curtain and up to the referee. It was Jimmy Fahrenheit! The referee frantically ran to the announcer who told the shocked crowd that Jimmy Fahrenheit was cashing in his "Shot At Greatness" Championship opportunity.

     Jimmy hit the ring and was met with stomps and kicks from the new champion. Pain then turned his attention to the referee and told him this was not going down. But, it was. Jimmy got up and started firing shots off on Pain and whipped him into the ropes. Pain grabbed the ropes and bailed out of the ring. It seemed as though "The One True Superstar" had dodged a bullet.

     As Pain was retreating, belt in hand to the locker room, He was greeted at the curtain by "The Outlaw" Tony James who grabbed him from behind and threw him back into the ring and a waiting Jimmy Fahrenheit. When Pain turned back around he was hit with a superkick to the face. Pain lay on the mat as Jimmy climbed to the top strand of rope and launched himself off for a big splash followed by a 1..... 2..... 3! We have a new PWA Heavyweight Champion for the 2nd time tonight!

     Chris Pain's claim of being the "greatest" and "longest reigning" PWA Champion lasted a total of 5 MINUTES AND 25 SECONDS. Jimmy Fahrenheit has cashed in and is your NEW PWA Heavyweight Champion!

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