Morgan Taylor's Quest for Gold

     "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor finally succeeded after months of failed attempts to gain a shot at glory when he defeated Mace Young in a one on one contest for a number one contendership for the PWA tag team championships.

     On March 4th, the self professed "Gorgeous One" surprised the fans in attendance at a PWA live event when he made an impromptu appearance. Morgan sauntered to the ring with his trademark strut and demanded he be given time to speak. Of course PWA ring announcer Nick Stevens was happy to oblige.

     Morgan Taylor grabbed the mic and promptly declared himself, "...the greatest uncrowned champion in PWA history." Nick Stevens was quick to question Taylor on his statements, citing multiple losing efforts in recent months. Morgan lost several PWA Heavyweight Championship bouts with "The Franchise Player" Chris Cruit, and more recently, was unsuccessful in a bid to capture the number one contendership for the PWA United States title from Randy "The Rowdy Hillbilly".

     "The Massachusetts Metrosexual" was quick to dismiss the very valid points raised by Nick Stevens. He bombastically claimed that he was "screwed, cheated, and bamboozled" in his previous efforts. In fact, Morgan sounded almost paranoid as he cried conspiracy to the fans in attendance. Furthermore, Morgan claimed that he needed a tag team partner to watch his back. When questioned on the identity of his partner, Morgan obfuscated, but he did reassure the crowd at the PWA School of Pro Wrestling that he did have "The finest tag team partner in the PWA."

     Then the challenge was made. Morgan would take on either one of The Phenomenal Phoenix Brothers, under the condition that if he was victorious, he would earn a shot at the PPB's tag team titles. Jimmy Fahrenheit and Mace Young were quick to answer the call. The tag champs stormed to the ring to thunderous applause as Jimmy accepted the challenge on behalf of the team before encouraging Mace to accept Morgan's challenge.

     The match began with Mace quickly taking control of Morgan, and he would maintain control for the vast majority of the match. But the Boston native had a trick up his sleeve. Morgan seized an opportunity in the match and removed the turnbuckle pad when the official was not looking. After a few close calls, Mace made a devastating mistake when he went for a splash in the corner. His head connected with the steel turnbuckle and Morgan was able to pick up the three count, with some help from the ropes.

     Jimmy Fahrenheit was quick to comfort his friend and partner as Morgan strutted and celebrated on the outside, telling anyone who would listen that he was the next PWA tag team champion. He even celebrated after the match with a bottle of champagne. The PWA board of directors has yet to issue a time and place for the title match, and Morgan is still keeping the identity of his tag team partner a secret. It will be interesting to see how this rather odd contendership unfolds, as "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor continues his quest for championship glory in the PWA.


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