The Coronation Of King Hogg This Saturday!

The feud began simply enough. Following King Pain's loss (and crown smashing) to Chris Cruit in October, JT Hogg found the whole encounter to be downright humorous. King Pain took exception to this and the fireworks began from there.
In December, a 2 on 1 beatdown took place as "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor and King Pain attacked Chris Cruit. JT Hogg was quick on the scene and broke up the assault further angering King Pain.
"Why is JT Hogg in my business?" asked Pain following the incident. "JT Hogg will pay" the King shouted.
On January 7th, 2017, JT was granted a PWA United States Title opportunity against "The Outlaw" Tony James. The pendulum had swung in the favor of Hogg and a New United States Champion seemed imminent. King Pain then made his way to the ring causing a distraction and costing Hogg the victory and championship.
Just a short while later, the favor was returned as JT Hogg's music began during a bout pitting Pain against Jimmy Fahrenheit. Distracted and upset, Pain lost the match.
That setup the match for the crown. On Saturday January 21, 2017, JT Hogg defeated King Pain to become The NEW King of The Premiere Wrestling Alliance!
Now, this Saturday, you are all invited to be witness to the coronation of the new king, King JT Hogg!

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