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Red White & Bruised 2022 Results

PWA: Red White & Bruised was full of high impact action all night long. Including the first ever women's match, the debut of new talent, & multiple title matches.

JTH (c) def. Bozworth

After weeks up hype behind Bozworth, he did not disappoint. Bozworth brought the fight to PWA tag-team champion JTH. Seeming to throw JTH around like a ragdoll, it seemed that Bozworth would put an end to the JTH era. But not without the interrace of other half of the PWA tag team champions Randy Forrest. As it seemed the match was coming to an end Randy Forrest ran in dragging JTH's foot to the rope disrupting the pin. After that sliding bras knuckles to JTH ultimately giving JT the ability to use them and get the 1 2 3 for the win.

Samantha Starr def. Brittany Jade

Samantha Starr took on Brittany Jade in PWA's first ever women's match! Brittany Jade showed her obvious dislike of being in Lancaster and her dislike of Samantha Starr, contrasting Samantha Starr being thrilled to debut in the PWA. After a back and forth match with Jade's attempts of cheating, Starr pulled through to get her first win in a historical PWA match.

Sam Houston (c) def. Randy Forrest

In Randy Forrest's first match since his recent mood change about the fans he took on reigning PWA United States Champion Sam Houston. Sam Houston has made it no secret he isn't happy about Randy's partnership with JTH as Houston has had multiple matches with JTH reigning victorious each time. The match started and Randy took his time outside the ring, further angering Sam Houston. But once Sam Houston got his hands on Randy, it looked like the match could have ended real early given the pacing of Sam. It looked like Sam Houston had his title defense in the bad until JTH came out and attacked Sam Houston. It looked like all hope was lost for Sam Houston. that was until newly debuted Bozworth came out to save Sam & get his revenge on JTH & Randy.

Tony James & Jimmy Fahrenheit def. The Russian Invasion

One of the highlight matches of the night was Outlaw Tony James & Jimmy Fahrenheit vs. The Russian Invasion. The Russian Invasion made their presents know in Lancaster, OH by taking on Tony & Fahrenheit & they made their opinions known. Preaching how great Russia is and inviting anyone to join the First Communist Church. From there they were signing the Russian National Anthem, but that didn't last long as Tony James & Jimmy Fahrenheit didn't allow it to. Each team battled back and forth amongst each other until Jimmy Fahrenheit got the win again the Russian Invasion.

Supreme Kincade def. Bryan Blade

The Supreme Kincade made his return at Red White & Bruised again the self proclaimed Legend of the PWA Bryan Blade. Bryan showcased him ring knowledge again Kincade with ring awareness, having a comeback to anything Kincade threw at him. That was until Bryan Blade allowed his arrogance to get the better of him as he thought he knew what Kincade was going to do however Bryan had slightly miscalculated. Giving Kincade the opportunity to pick up his first win back in the PWA!

Kevin Cruit c. w/ Tom Prichard def Bjorn (w/ guest referee Chris Cruit)

Red White & Bruised main event cage match surly did no disappoint. Both Kevin & Bjorn brought their A games. Pre match, Chris Cruit the special guest referee laid out the simple rules and claimed Tom Prichard was to take a chair, sit in it and not move and if he did he would be ejected from the match. Chris also made it clear he was going to hold emotions aside for all parties involved in the match. Bjorn right away brough the fight to Kevin Cruit being a one way beat down. Eventually Kevin Cruit was given the opportunity and attempted to escape the cage, but not if Bjorn had anything to say about it. He then suplexed Bjorn off the cage. Kevin then brought the fight to Bjorn, however Chris got caught in the cross fire, causing him to get knocked out. & Tom Prichard didn't waste the opportunity given, taking his chair he was told to sit in from the start of the match and throwing it to Kevin. Kevin took the chair and cracked Bjorn with it, revived Chris Cruit and got the win retaining his PWA Heavyweight Championship.

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