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Red White & Bruised 2021 Results.

BJORN and "SUPREME" KAL KINCADE defeated Bryan Blade and "Shotmaker" Cody King in a back-and-forth battle with only seconds remaining in the 15 min. time limit. Will this victory inspire Bjorn and Kincade to pursue the PWA Tag Team Titles? Only time will tell, but we do know that Kincade is ready for his PWA Championship match on August 7th at the PWA Arena. "OUTLAW" TONY JAMES defeated "Irish Hitman" Lafferty via DQ. Nothing appeared to have been settled between the PWA's two most prolific purveyors of violence, so be prepared for more chaotic confrontations in the latter half of 2021! "FRANCHISE PLAYER" CHRIS CRUIT defeated Jeffrey John in the special "Farewell to the Franchise" Chris Cruit Retirement Match. The danger and intensity only escalated as the non-sanctioned match spilled out amongst the fans. Cruit endured severe punishment from his braggadocios opponent, but was able to finish his in-ring career with a hard fought and well earned victory. John is rumored to have suffered a rib injury during the match, and required assistance to reach the locker room afterward. SAM HOUSTON defeated JT Hogg by countout in an impromptu match. Appearing for the first time in months, JT Hogg stunned the fans with a seething diatribe, claiming he had been abandoned by the fans during his absence related to complications from a recent surgery. This prompted our featured guest Sam Houston to confront Hogg in the ring on behalf of the fans. Houston had only moments earlier informed the crowd that a recent arm injury would prevent him from competing as scheduled, but ignored his doctor's advice and expertly fought off the intimidating 300 pounder with his trademark flash and finely-honed fisticuffs. CASINO HEAT (w/Andrew Isaiah Remington IV) defeated Full Throttle to become the new PWA Tag Team Champions. Casino Heat took full advantage of having a third man at ringside in the person of Remington IV, as the precocious provocateur played a pivotal role in propelling Carlisle and Fahrenheit to victory with some timely intervention in the action. Nasty Boy Jerry Saggs, on hand to present the titles to the new champions, did so reluctantly in light of Casino Heat's unsportsmanlike victory. Karmic retribution came swiftly for Remington IV as Full Throttle provided a one-way express ticket to Nastyville with accomodations in Pity City. A rematch could happen as soon as Aug. 7th so check back with PWAOhio on Facebook for the latest info. “REAL DEAL” KEVIN CRUIT defeated “Rowdy” Randy Forrest to capture the PWA Heavyweight Championship. Kevin closed out the Summer Showcase with a highly controversial victory which stood in direct contrast to his father Chris' dignified last stand earlier in the event. Cruit took advantage of a conspicuously placed foreign object by a replacement official after Referee Rose Montgomery was inadvertently incapacitated by Forrest. Many aspects of this match are already being reviewed by the PWA Championship Committee, but Kevin is still set to make his first title defense against “Supreme” Kal Kincade Saturday August 7th at the PWA Arena. PWA President Chris Cruit has not yet issued any official statements, but has agreed to speak on camera about this subject and others in the coming days.

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