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August 7th Results from the PWA Arena

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

“SOUTHERN KNIGHT” BRYAN BLADE defeated “Sensation” Anthony Ray. Blade took the victory in a clash of styles that unfortunately didn't favor Blade's younger opponent. Ray attempted to outmaneuver his larger foe, but couldn't match the sheer strength and power of the veteran “Southern Knight” for very long. After recently declaring himself “The Living Legend of the PWA”, Blade has refocused his training regimen with an emphasis on grappling and amateur-style techniques, and has reportedly signed several open contracts for the remainder of 2021.

JT HOGG defeated “Rocket” Josh Benson. Hogg once again deliberately provoked PWA fans to the brink of violence with his behavior before making a brazen open challenge, which Benson wasted little time in accepting. The scene was virtually a replay of the one faced by Benson's partner Anthony Ray only minutes prior, with Rocket unable to upset his oversized opponent. Sam Houston is currently in talks with PWA matchmakers to settle his issues with JT Hogg before the year is out.

PWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS CASINO HEAT defeated Bjorn and “Outlaw” Tony James. James and Bjorn had Carlyle and Fahrenheit reeling from the outset, only to see the new tag champs abscond with the titles and a count out victory. Casino Heat's manager Andrew Isiah Remington IV distracted James outside the ring just long enough to prevent the “Outlaw” from returning before the referee's 10 count. Remington's irksome behavior has not only raised eyebrows, but has also begun to garner significant attention from PWA matchmakers as well.

PWA President Chris Cruit announced the suspension of Referee Matthew Allan for his actions during the PWA Heavyweight Championship Match at Red, White, and Bruised 2021 via a pre-recorded statement. Cruit also revealed that “Rowdy” Randy Forrest would face PWA Champion Kevin Cruit August 21st at the PWA Arena.

PWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION KEVIN CRUIT defeated “Supreme” Kal Kincade. The challenger proved to be more than prepared for his opportunity against the controversial new champion, as Kincade nearly forced Cruit to submit numerous times to a Texas Cloverleaf hold. However, Cruit was able to exploit Kincade's inexperience, and used the ropes to help secure the pinfall victory...

...Cruit wouldn't be satisfied with simply retaining the championship. As Kevin retrieved a chair from ringside, only the intervention of Randy Forrest prevented Kincade from suffering serious harm. Randy had been observing the action as a spectator, having apparently purchased a front row seat, but couldn't abide Cruit's conduct for long. Randy confronted Kevin, but left his back turned long enough to be jumped from behind by Casino Heat. Bjorn and Tony James returned to even the odds, and a six-man tag team match ensued, with the Heavyweight and Tag Team Champions on one side and Bjorn, James, and Forrest on the other. The teams brawled for nearly 15 minutes before James got the 3 count on Jimmy Fahrenheit.

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