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8-21 Recap

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

JT HOGG defeated “Sensation” Anthony Ray. Hogg decimated yet another opponent, attacking from behind before Ray had even entered the ring following his introduction. JT is quite literally leaner and meaner than ever since returning at Red, White, and Bruised, and, in only a matter of weeks, has become arguably the most formidable force in the PWA. Unfortunately, it also wasn't the last fans would see of him on this night.

“SUPREME” KAL KINCADE defeated Bryan Blade. Kincade quickly rebounded from his loss to PWA Champion Kevin Cruit at the previous event, and continues to progress at an astounding rate. Blade at first appeared to be underestimating his opponent, but swiftly changed his demeanor once it was obvious that Kincade wouldn't be put away quickly or quietly. Kincade relied on innate athleticism to overcome the veteran's power and experience and earn yet another impressive victory.

PWA TAG TEAM CO-CHAMPION JIMMY FAHRENHEIT defeated “Rocket” Josh Benson. Proving that the rivalry between Casino Heat and Full Throttle is far from over, the one-on-one battle changed momentum several times before the self-proclaimed “Mr. Center of the Earth” once again took advantage of manager Andrew Isaiah Remington's presence at ringside and the interference of partner Jordan Carlyle to sneak away with a victory.

“OUTLAW” TONY JAMES defeated Cody King. James seemed intent on cooling the heels of the brash “Shotmaker”, while getting into the ear and head of his opponent along the way. King continued to show that he's far from being a pushover, but again failed to capitalize on the opportunity to prove himself against a more highly-ranked competitor.

PWA President Chris Cruit announced that the opening rounds of a tournament to crown a new PWA United States Champion would be held September 4th at the PWA Arena. Moments after revealing Bryan Blade and Kal Kincade as the first entrants, Cruit was confronted by the increasingly delusional JT Hogg and his spurious claims of already being the rightful champion. Cruit instead forced Hogg to be content with simply becoming the 3rd official participant in the upcoming tournament.

"ROWDY" RANDY FORREST defeated PWA Champion Kevin Cruit. Suspended referee Matthew Allan blatantly interfered on his brother Kevin's behalf to cause a disqualification, as the shell shocked crowd then watched the two conspirators flee the arena in a waiting car parked outside. More details about this stunning and shameful incident will be forthcoming pending a review by the PWA Board of Directors.

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