Hometown: Santa Barbara, California

Debut: 2015

     Nick Stevens has one of the strangest career trajectories in the PWA. He began as a ring announcer. The jolly face welcoming fans to events and announcing upcoming events.       Then shockingly one day, Nick Stevens aligned himself with the sinister "Razorback" JT Hogg, becoming a manager. He helped JT win the PWA United States Championship.

      Nick Stevens disappeared for a while after JT Hogg was banished from the PWA for losing a "loser leaves town" match to Randy the Rowdy Hillbilly. Many fans had forgotten about him when he was announced as the new general manager of the PWA in late 2018. 

      Nick then began a 13 month tenure as General Manager of the PWA until he was relieved of his position by the board in late 2019. In October 2019, Nick joined sides with LA Cordova and Jeffery John. Time will tell what Stevens and his new clients are capable of. 

Nick Stevens