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Mark Coleman

"The Hammer"

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Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Debut: 2019

Titles Held: NCAA Division 1 Champion, UFC Heavyweight Championship, UFC 10 Champion, UFC 11 Champion, PRIDE 2000 Open Weight Grand Prix Champion, PWA Tag Team Champion

     Mark Coleman is a man whose reputation proceeds him. A legend in the world of MMA, Mark Coleman has done it all. He was the first ever UFC Heavyweight Champion. He defeated the likes of Don Frye, Dan "The Beast" Severn, and Maurico "Shogun" Rua. 

     "The Hammer" was a decorated wrestler in his days at Ohio State before transferring over to MMA with his freakish strength and frightening punching power, earning him the nickname "The GodFather of Ground & Pound". Mark has appeared in the PWA several times, usually to knock some sense into Morgan Taylor, but actually captured PWA gold in 2019 with JT Hogg. 

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