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Juan Crazy Hillbilly

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 217

Hometown: Mexico

Debut: 2015

Titles Held: Cruiserweight Champion, 4x PWA Tag Team Champion

     Juan Crazy Hillbilly is a ball of boundless energy and enthusiasm wrapped in a pair of overalls and a black mask. Juan always charges into battle, and his heart and lovable, goofy antics have won him the support of PWA fans. 

     Juan is also a man who has deep roots in professional wrestling. He is a member of the famed Hillbilly family with JT Hogg, Randy "The Rowdy" Hillbilly, John D. Crazy Hillbilly, and Anita Crazy Hillbilly, but he also carries a Mexican heritage and observes the traditions of Lucha Libre by wearing his trusty mask. Most PWA fans would agree that Juan Crazy Hillbilly does both his family and country proud.

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