Morgan Taylor


Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 232

Hometown: Boston, MA

Debut: 2015

Titles Held: 4x PWA Tag Team Champion, PWA United States Champion

     The self proclaimed "Gorgeous One" arrived in the Premiere Wrestling Alliance in 2015, and has made a mark on the PWA landscape in a relatively short amount of time. 

     Morgan struts to the ring with the confidence and gusto of a man beyond his years. "The Gorgeous One" always dresses to impress, but don't let his wardrobe fool you. Morgan is a capable competitor. He even captured two PWA Tag Team Championships as one half of Painfully Gorgeous, and again in his current partnership with LA Cordova, thrice.

     Morgan is a showman first and foremost. He always struts to the ring, and has become well known for his wild, outlandish outfits. But when the bell rings, Morgan is always ready for a Boston brawl.